The Perfect Pokies Strategy

Finding the ideal strategy for playing pokies online requires a basic understanding of how the machines work. Once you’ve dispelled the most common myths, you can take steps to play smarter. Read on to discover how to maximise your returns as you find the perfect pokies strategy.


Test Your Strategy Free


One of the biggest advantages to enjoying these games online is that the top casino sites give you the option of taking the games for a test run in free or demo mood before you have to put any money down.


Use this function to try different strategies, like whether betting the maximum amount of coins really is the best idea, testing out how often using the Gamble feature gives you a good return, and so on.


Free play also means you can sample as many games as you like, in much the same way that, if you play the demo options for the Blackjack online Canada has to offer, you may well stumble upon an entirely new variation that you really love!


Bet the Maximum Amount of Coins


We are all hoping for the big jackpot win when we play pokies, and so it pays to know that, in most cases, online casinos require that you are betting the maximum amount of coins in order to activate the top jackpot the game has available.


Say you’re playing a machine with a jackpot which pays 500x for 1 coin, 1000x for 2, 1500x for 3 coins, 2000x for 4, and 4000x for 5. You’ll see that the jackpot has escalated considerably if you have the maximum wager in place when you win.


Most machines these days have a good range of coin denominations available, so it is better to drop the value of these down and keep the maximum amount of coins in place if you can. This isn’t always true, however, so be sure to have a look at the payout schedule and make your own calculations to see if this approach will work.


But f you can’t afford to bet the maximum coins, don’t. There’s still plenty of money to go around without hitting the jackpot, and it’s never a good idea to bet outside of your means.


Play the Maximum Paylines


It’s even more common for the maximum payline bet to trigger the top jackpot for online pokies games. Check if this is the case, and then be sure to have all the paylines activated on your machine. If you have to drop down to lower coin denominations, or even a lower-tiered machine, to do so, then do that. Remember, while gaming machines with higher denominations pay out better percentages, these are negligible compared to the risk you’re facing unless you’re a high roller.


Stay in Your Comfort Zone


Don’t bet outside of your comfort zone just to get better odds, since this always ends up being a bad bargain. Remember, no matter what level you’re playing at, or how carefully you’ve compiled the perfect pokies strategy, the house will always have the advantage. Play like you’re going to lose, and you’ll find your wins increase, and your losses a lot less stressful!

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