The Best Odds in the House!

Does it really matter what game you pick at the casino? Whichever game you pick there’s going to be a house edge, which is the advantage the casino has. The edge isn’t the same for all games, and depending on how you gamble, you might need to be careful about which game you choose. Don’t worry though, we have this handy stat-based guide to make sure you play the best Betfair casino card games for you!

We’ve scored each game against  a few important metrics i.e. the house edge, the pay-out, the complexity of bets and the total jackpot on offer.When you’re trying to decide which casino game to play, this will provide you with an easy comparison of all of the games.

For example, the games that use cards will tend to have a far lower house edge than the other table games.

This is generally down to how the games are structured as card games require  a greater element of skill and judgement than other table games. With that in mind, the winner for best casino game in terms of player odds and pay-out, is probably video poker.It has a low house edge and the potential for a jackpot pay-out at the end if you get lucky, which is unique among card games.

The odds on that jackpot are pretty slim though, as you need to land a royal flush for the big pay-out. That’s not to say you can’t win a little bigger at the other games: your pay-out increases to 3:2 if you get 21 in blackjack and you can make the risky draw bet in baccarat if you’re feeling lucky.

But if big jackpots are your thing, you really need to be checking out some of the other games on offer. While the pay-out for video poker is good, it’s got nothing on what you can get for winning on the slots, and you’ll see bigger pay-outs more often playing things like roulette and craps (but with an increased risk that you’ll be leaving the table empty-handed). Deciding what’s best for you can be done by checking out the  infographic below and seeing what’s what!

Importantly, all of these stats will hold true whether you’re playing casino games on mobile or at a land casino, so there’s no need to adjust the numbers unless they explicitly offer unique options such as  paying out blackjack at 6:5 rather than 3:2.

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