How to go from Bingo Hall to Online Bingo!

So, you’ve decided to take that first step. Transferring from the world of bingo halls into the uncharted seas of the internet! Well, you’ve picked a good time as85% of bingo players are now playing online!

Bingo’s rules are pretty universal and easy to understand, but how do they change once you’re in the cyber-world of computers? If you’re experimenting with bingo games online, you may be surprised that the lay-out is a little different from what you’re used to. Never fear! We’re going to go through it step by step and that should soon see you enjoying online bingo just as much as the conventional variety.

Step 1: Getting Tickets

Oh no! We’ve only started and there’s already a problem! How do you get tickets without a desk to purchase them from? Blast! Peril! Oh, cruel fate!

… Too much?

You’re right, it’s actually easy to get a hold of tickets, all you have to do is go into the ‘room’ and click to purchase them so you can get started. You can get as many as you want, just like in the bingo hall, and the purchasing is fairly easy. You need to open an account, deposit some funds (or claim a cheeky bonus) and use that to get started.

Step 2: Marking the Card

OK, we have the ticket and we’re ready to play. Obviously the cage with balls has been replaced by a random number generation program that offers the same randomised response as the cage. But oh no! How do we mark the numbers we’ve landed on the card! Calamity! Horror! Whatever shall we do?

… Alright, I’ll stop being dramatic, you’ve probably noticed that it’s already been marked.

The whole marking of numbers routine is automated when playing online as the program will track if your card wins even if you aren’t aware of it (which is helpful if you’re easily distracted or get clumsy and miss one). You can change your settings so you mark the card yourself with a mouse click and even if you do it yourself, the numbers are tracked so you won’t miss out.

Step 3: Claiming your Winnings!

What, you mean you aren’t just playing this for fun?

Claiming your winnings is relatively simple, you just cash out from your online account (assuming you don’t have any wagering requirements from your bonus to work through) and the money will be sent direct to your bank account. Whilst  we’re talking about winnings though, there is one method of winning that can be a little different online and that is the greater selection of bingo jackpots. Some jackpots are what is known as ‘Progressives’, a term borrowed from the progressive slots game and it  means that the total jackpot is added to the pot each time someone plays until there’s a winner.

No panic here, it’s actually pretty easy to withdraw your winnings.

Step 4: The Natter

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “But I don’t just go to bingo to play a game and win money, I go for the social interaction.’ I’m with you 100% imaginary reader, it really is more fun to play a game when you have friends to talk to – just staring at a screen can be a bit lonely. Fortunately, just about every bingo game out there is fully aware what the draw of bingo is and have integrated chat programs to make sure you can talk to your fellow players socially while you play.

That’s pretty much the four essential steps, everything else is about the same: you pick the 90 or 75 ball game, you pour yourself a refreshing beverage and just spend an evening relaxing.

What about you? How’s your experience of online bingo been? Let us know in the comments below!

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