Frequently Asked Questions about Pokies

If you have an unanswered question about pokies games, have a look at those outlined and answered here. This article deals with a number of the most commonly asked questions, and the answers are 100% based on fact.


Many of these questions and answers will prove to you how almost all of the myths surrounding the online pokies NZ has to offer are false. After making your way through this section, you should have a better understanding of these gaming machines, and something to think about while you are spinning the reels next time!


Why are Slots Called Pokies?


While there is no actual documentation regarding where the term originated, like most slang, it more than likely came from players shortening the phrase poker machines.


What is the Average Payout Percentage on a Pokies Machine?


It depends on where you are: in Australia, for example, the lowest payout percentage permissible by law is 87%. In reality, however, you will usually find that the average comes in at just over 90%.


Can Pubs and Casinos Change the Payout Percentage Each Day?


No they cannot. The payback for each of the pokies machines is fixed, locked at a certain level when the EPROM is manufactured. This cannot be changed by those in charge of operating gaming rooms, unless a new chip is ordered for the machine.


Are the Odds Better if a Game Hasn’t Paid Out in a While?


No. Every single spin on a pokies machine has the same exact chance of winning as the spin before it and the one after it has. The machine cannot take into account how much money has been played through, and spins are events that are totally independent of one another.




Do the Odds Change Depending on How Much is Bet?


No. Once again, the odds of winning are always the exact same. They do not change if you wager 1c per spin or bet $5. If you play on less than the maximum lines, however, you will miss out on the wins that the lines you didn’t bet on could have awarded you. This is why betting the maximum is always recommended.


Are There Tricks to Winning Pokies Games?


There are actually aren’t. There is simply nothing you can do to increase your odds of winning when playing your favourite pokies games.


Is it Better to Play in Pubs, Clubs, or Casinos?


In general it is a better bet to play pokies at casinos, be these land-based or those online. Online casinos are the best bet thanks to how convenient they are, but all casinos will generally have VIP programmes in place for their players, which means that you will be getting something back for the time and money you are spending.


Pokies Play Suits Bettors  of All Levels


Now that your most burning questions have been answered, you can take your newfound knowledge to the pokies you most enjoy, and get started having a good time! Find top titles that welcome players of any level of experience, and have some fun as you please.

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