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The Best Strategy for Pokies Play

The best strategy when it comes to playing pokies is based on a realistic understanding of how their house edge works. Once you can dispel the most common myths you are more able to make the pragmatic steps to play smarter more easily.


Playing pokies for free at one of the many online gambling casino sites provided is by far the best way to test out the different ways there are to play. Read on to find out how testing your pokies strategy for free works to your advantage, and to discover the top tips that will see you maximising your wins.


Free Play Gives You More Options When Real Money Play Begins


One of the biggest benefits to playing pokies free of charge is that you can test all the tips you receive, and sample all the different game variations before you pick the one you enjoy playing the most.


The Benefits of Betting Max Coins


When you play pokies, you are without a doubt looking to take the big jackpot home. It is for this reason that it pays to remember that, for the most part, online pokies sites require that you bet the max coin amount in order to be eligible for this prize.


The Bonus of Betting Max Paylines


When you are playing online pokies games, it is even more common that the max payline bet triggers the top jackpot. This is way it is always a good idea to activate all the paylines you can on these machines. Even if this means that you drop down to lower coin denomination, or even a lower-tier machine, it is recommended that you do.


Conveniently Combat the House Edge


The key to combatting the house edge is to manage your bankroll well, and simply slow down the rate of your play. If you liken playing pokies to eating, for example, the worst thing to do is swallowing your food without chewing it properly and taking the time to enjoy it.

Gulping your food facilitates overeating, and hurrying through the pokies spin cycle facilities will see you losing more than you should.


Accept That Pokies Games are Based Largely on Luck


The most important thing for you to remember when it comes to playing popular pokies online is that there is not much that you can do to influence the outcome of a spin, besides what I have outlined here, and doing the proper research on the game etc. beforehand.


Try to stay away from superstition, or the advice any self-proclaimed pokies guru gives you, and simply stay in the realm of reason when it comes to both preparing yourself to play these games and then enjoying them when your homework has been completed.


The reason pokies play is as exciting as it is is this luck-factor -this precise aspect of them is what makes the wins as satisfying as they are. Stay in control of your play, determine to have fun whenever you do enjoy a game or two, and always quit while you’re ahead!

The Basics of Pokies Games

One of the top game picks for gambling novices and seasoned players alike, pokies games owe a large amount of their popularity to the apparent simplicity they offer those interested in spending some time enjoying real money gambling.

However, despite this appeal, there are also a fair share of myths surrounding these game, many of which cause players to lose more money than they should! While anyone can enjoy the fun these games have to offer, it really does pay to know as much as you can about them before you begin.

The Similarity Between Classic and Video Pokies Games

 When it comes to the pokies New Zealand and the rest of the globe make available, the two popular forms are classic and video pokies games. Despite the many differences, the manner in which you play the two is almost identical:

For classic pokies games:

  1. You will make the necessary payment into your online pokies account
  2. The equivalent number of credits awarded you will be displayed on the screen
  3. If you are playing a classic variation, you will be asked to click a button marked Bet until you have reached the number of credits you wish to wager. Or, you can select the button marked Play Max Credit or something similar, which will instruct the software to bet on the top allowed number of coins.
  4. Then you will select the Spin button and await your fate!

For video pokies games:

  1. You will select the button indicating the number of paylines you wish to activate.
  2. You will then select a second button indicating the amount of credits you wish to bet per line.
  3. You will be able to select a new betting combination for each round of play, or choose the Bet/Spin option again, which will let you play with the previous betting combination in place.

How to Win More When You Play Pokies

 The best tactics for winning your pokies games will depend on whether you have elected to enjoy classic, traditional games, or are playing a video pokies game.

For classic pokies play:

  1. Most of these games offer you a single payout line, although some can push this up to three, or even five. It is the icons that stop on these lines after the reels have stopped spinning that will determine if and how much you win.
  2. Bear in mind that the larger jackpots are usually only paid to players who are betting the maximum coin amount, so always check the paytable.

For video pokies game play:

  1. In addition to having paylines that run across the screen, these games also have paylines in the shape of a V, upside down Vs, and even zig-zags. Most of the games have a minimum of five paylines in place as well, but some can offer as many as 100.
  2. In addition to the usual payouts, video pokies games also often provide you with Scatter pays. These have designated icons triggering a payout even if they do not appear on the same payline.
  3. There are frequently bonus events available in video pokies games as well. These can take many forms, including Free Spins, or a second bonus game which takes place on an entirely new screen.

Classic and Video Pokies Games

Pokies games come in many different shapes, varieties, and sizes: from the classic reel games, right on through to themed video pokies.

Although basic concept behind playing these remain the same no matter which type you elect to enjoy, there are some important differences that you should be aware of. Each variation has something contrasting to offer, and the one you elect to play will depend on your own personal preferences. Before you get started, browse this handy guide to the divergent aspects between classic and video pokies games.

Vibrant Video Pokies Games Playable Online

 The online pokies NZ and the rest of the globe have to offer have certainly come a long way since they were invented in the later parts of the 19th century. Today, video pokies are very popular with players of any level of ability simply because there are so many different types to choose from! The advent of video pokies had an incredible impact on the casino industry, thanks to how they changed the game, and they paved the way for coinless play, which is what made it possible to enjoy them online.

We Have Walt Fraley to Thank for Video Pokies

 The modern-day video pokies game was created by a Mr Walt Fraley back in 1975. Named Fortune Coin, the game was initially met with a large degree of skepticism, and it wasn’t until video poker games started getting popular in the 1980s that this pokies variation started gaining prominence.

The Evolution of Video Pokies

 As technology has advanced in the decades since 1975, casino games and video pokies games evolved as well. Today, there are many different variations of the games available, including those that offer you the chance to enjoy animated symbols that spring to life when you win, and high-res videos that have you following a storyline as it relates to the way you play. There are also bonus games and more for you to take advantage of whenever you like.

A Similar Set Up for a Vastly Different Game

 Although video pokies games differ from traditional gaming machines in a number of ways, the set up is almost interchangeable: an internal random number generator, or RNG, selects a sequence of numbers that corresponds to certain icon combos, while the game emulates spinning reels and offers you various payouts based on which numbers are visible when the reels stop. Look for the following elements when you are selecting a game to enjoy:

  • Reels

Three- and five-reel pokies machines are the most frequently found.

  • Rows

The number of rows of icons that are visible when the reels come to a stop will be different from machine to machine.

  • Paylines

There are many different amounts of paylines, with some games providing an excess of these to give you extra ways to win. It is usually a good idea to have them all active if a choice is given.

  • Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot games have the top prize being increased in increments every time someone plays. It is highly recommended that you bet the maximum amount of coins with these games, since this is often a requirement in order to render you eligible for the big win.